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Bicycle Mission to the World

세계 자전거 지원 선교회

'Why not change the world together?' is our motto. We drill water wells, build schools, promote education, support students and children, provide health care, empower local communities, and most importantly, we deliver hope by sharing the gospel.

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Here's a little about who we are.

B.M.W.(Bicycle Mission to the World) is a non-profit organization [501(c)] which opts to make positive changes on the lives of people in the world. Its headquarter is located in Suwanee. GA, and three other branch offices are located in Berrien Springs, MI (U.S), Nairobi (Kenya), and Incheon (South Korea).

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We welcome all types of your support. Either it is through prayers, concerns, volunteers, or donations, we believe with you, we can make change which will last forever.

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Phone: U.S: +
Korea: Tel: +82.10.7118.6697

628 Saint Joseph Ave.
Berrien Springs, MI 49103